Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Slow and steady

Yesterday afternoon we set out for Victor Harbor but a couple of wineries with facilities for children got in the way so this morning we hit the road and didn't stop until we arrived at Victor Harbor about an hour south of Adelaide. The sun was shining, the sky was a brilliant blue but the breeze was fresh so we needed our cardigans and warm tops.

Many years ago we visited Victor Harbor and I remembered it as a pretty seaside town with a horse-drawn tram that takes tourists to the nature reserve at Granite Island. The tram ride has been on my list of thing to do for ages and I'm so glad to have experienced the ride with some of the family today. Before our ride we fortified ourselves with some lovely, warm cinnamon donuts, watched the passing parade and took some happy snaps of the pretty coastline.

After our tram ride that was surprisingly comfortable (slow and steady) we spent an hour roaming around the island while the kids visited the penguin refuge. Although the Island is rather desolate the views of the water, the wildlife and back to the mainland are spectacular.

Nice fresh sandwiches gave us sustenance after our return tram journey. After a walk around Victor Harbor we got back into our people mover for the trip back to our accommodation. The fresh air had worked its magic on two out of three little boys who were fast asleep soon after we departed.

Trying to get three little boys to pose for their Gummy is impossible

Our conveyance
Happy travellers
Towards the Island

Reminds me of Make way for ducklings
View back to Victor Harbor
Beach on Granite Island
Passing lane
Sheltered bay
Fishing from the pier
Remember to throw the undersize catches back
Back on the mainland
We opted for sensible sandwiches

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  1. Great photos! I love the three boys, too funny. Nice talent of art also. I am sure you enjoyed. Thanks for sharing!


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