Sunday, January 26, 2014

I did it!

For years I have hoarded books: the good, the bad and the indifferent. The only time I dispose of books is to lighten my load when travelling and I have a few regrets on that score.

I was prompted to rethink my policy by a few people. Blogger Susan Petersen has been very brave; in her downsizing effort she has just about discarded all of her her print library in favour of ebooks. My best friend is also about to move house and she has started to cull her book collection. I thought that if these bookaholics could do it then maybe I could too.

At home our bookshelves are overflowing and we really shouldn't buy more. The internet with its proliferation of online bookshops has given me access to places where I can buy a book for peanuts or I can purchase an ebook version of something I really want to own.

Last week I took the plunge and started to cull the fiction and biography shelves in our hallway.

Once I got started with the task I developed a loose policy. It was easy to dispose of mass market fiction titles like Robin Cook, Patricia Cornwell, John Grisham, Caril, Hiassen, Monica McInerney, James Patterson, Kathy Reichs, Minette Walters,  and some of the fluffy titles I read for light relief.

I baulked at tossing Australian authors and historical fiction so they still have a home. More difficult were the biographies; I was only able to dispose of a few that I considered poorly written or on uninteresting subjects. Those that told tales of travel had to stay because I may need to read them before setting out on a journey to foreign  parts. My collection of Agatha Christie's still has a home, whenever I reread one of these I find I can never solve the mystery!

Mr GeniAus has already taken one load up to our local Vinnies store and we'll be sending those pictured below for sale at the local Giant Rotary Book Fair.

I'm on a roll. I need to go downstairs to our garage where I have several bays of old library shelving bursting with books and find other treasures to move on. Some of the older books that are yellow, daggy and faded might just have to go into the recycle bin.

And because I have made space on my bookshelves I will be able to order a swag of books from my favourite online charity bookstore Brotherhood Books.

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  1. Well done Jill, you've broken that bond. I'm trying to do the downsizing thing but not sure how I'll go. We re-lent, sent to Salvos, whatever a load of fiction, but now the shelves are heavy with reference books and the like...what to do!!


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