Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Final Snap

15 May 2013

On the last day of our magnificent journey we had a 6:00 pm checkout (for a fee - not free) from our airport hotel. We allowed ourselves a big sleepin to try to coax our personal timeclocks towards an Australian timezone so we missed the free hotel breakfast.

What should we so on our last day?  I did not want to travel too far lest our rental car break down and we miss our plane. I realised that I hadn't spent any time in a bookstore during the whole eight weeks of my holiday and I love the big bookshops in the US. Since the demise of Borders the only chain I know is Barnes and Noble.  I also realised that we hadn't visited one of the many Ross stores in Los Angeles - the well stocked one near Farmers Market; how convenient - I remembered that there is a Barnes and Noble store in the Grove Shopping Centre next to Farmers Market.

The Final Holiday Snap - a happy shopper at The Grove
I was quite restrained in my shopping at these venues because our six suitcases back at the hotel were bulging although underweight and the thought of having to squish more treasures into them wasn't too palatable. What I couldn't resist were a couple of DK Travel Guides for my next adventure at the end of June with my daughter.

At the end of a wonderful trip it is always good to have another journey to plan.

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