Sunday, May 19, 2013

I may be Gummy but...

...I have a full set of teeth.

The eleven little people who are dearest to me call me Gummy. When I'm out and about with one or more of the grandkids and people hear me being called "Gummy" they give me a funny look.

The name Gummy came about when my eldest grandchild, who is now 12, was a toddler and just started calling me Gummy - a melding of Grandma and Mummy. All of the grandkids followed suit as they arrived and called me Gummy. Now even some of my kids spouses and the kids friends call me Gummy.

My mother was not impressed when I became known as Gummy, she thought it was a "silly name".

I love being called Gummy, it is a name that is unique to me.


  1. Sorry Jill, It is not unique to you. My neighbour is also called Gummy by her grandchildren.

  2. That's a great name, Jill. My grandmother was nicknamed Pepita by her father, which got shortened to Peter... and we grandkids called her GrandPete. Her mother was nicknamed Madee (Madre), and that's what we greatgrandkids called her. Me - my #2 daughter and my #1 daughter's husband came up with a nickname for me when the first granddaughter was born - Winky (and I told them I don't want to know how they decided this) - so all 6 of my grandkids call me either Winky or Grandma Winky. Works for me just fine. And I definitely like the uniqueness too.
    Gummy is a great Grandma name!!

  3. I like it Jill, it has a friendly fun loving feel to it!


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