Sunday, December 2, 2012

Culture on the high seas

1 December 2012

Boat Building Competition
Needlepoint, bridge, enrichment lectures,deck sports, trivia games, bingo and casino capers are some of the activities available to amuse guests while at sea.

Vocalists, instrumentalists, jugglers and stage productions provide evening entertainment.

Tonight we attended the fourth recital on board given by concert pianist, Panos Karan, an exceptionally talented young man. Even Mr Geniaus who is not a fan of classical music (and tonight it was a heavy Chopin program) enjoyed Panos' performances. A spot of culture doesn't go astray on the high seas.

I am looking forward to attending Panos' lecture tomorrow about Keys of Change a charity he founded in 2010 to promote and establish musical education and its benefits in remote areas around the world.

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