Sunday, December 2, 2012

A clean state

30 October 2012

Today our ship pulled up off Porto Belo in the smallest Brazilian state, Santa Catarina.

We  were delivered by the ship's tender to Porto Belo one of three towns we visited. We noticed that the infrastructure in PB, Itapema and Cambirou was of a higher quality than we had seen anywhere else in Brazil. The towns were clean and the roads and footpaths were in good order; the beautiful beaches were also clean and I didn't notice the herds of wandering dogs that we had observed in other areas.

Dock in Porto Belo
Porto Belo Beach

Cambirou Beach - sea level
Cablecar guy

Rainforest transport
Cambirou Beach from on high

Rainforest traffic
In the rainforest

Rainforest inhabitant
Above the rainforest

Friendly Brazilian schoolgirls
From the forest to the beach

Brazilian Beach Belles

Christ came out in Cambirou

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