Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Windows on the World - D is for Drying in Dubrovnik

This month I am participating in the A-Z Blogging Challenge where I will endeavour to post on this blog each day. I will be sharing photos of Windows that I have photographed on my travels and highlighting from A-Z the places where I found these Windows on the World.

The Old Town in Dubrovnik has been so beautifully restored that it reminded me of Disneyland as it was so clean and sparkling. I was pleased to see this man going about a mundane task and using solar power to dry the washing.

As we wandered the streets we realised that many residents used their windows to access their clotheslines.


  1. Not everybody has a backyard .... I like how your windows pictures match your theme :)

    Visiting from A to Z and Australian Family History Bloggers

    D is for Dartmouth: Guy Mainwaring and the beagle pack


    Anne Young

    Anne's family history

  2. It looks quaint doesn't it? But I reckon there'd be a riot if we started doing it in Australia!

  3. This one is my favourite so far!

    Eva - Mail Adventures
    E is for Eatery. Where did free postcards go?

  4. I was taken by the chp tending the baby sized clothes.


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