Thursday, May 26, 2016

Lake Dryzabone

Although the sky was filled with menacing clouds this morning the weather report tells us that there's not much chance of rain this afternoon.
Today's forecast from
We haven't had rain here at Welwel for many a day. The grass is brown, the eucalypts are shedding leaves and the drought- hardy plants are struggling. The water tanks under our house are empty too.

As I came down our drive this morning I thought of the iconic Australian clothing range Driza-bone (Dry as a bone) because that would be a good name for our dam. As I don't want to breach copyright I am naming our dam Lake Dryzabone. The following snaps will show you why.

I wonder where the frogs and fish have gone
Dry dam bed
Some plants are still green


  1. Similar here, Jill, though we live in hope that next week will bring rain... love the name.


  3. I have included your blog in Interesting Blogs on Friday Fossicking at

    Thank you, Chris


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