Sunday, February 8, 2015

A Saturday in Salt Lake

Well here I am in Salt Lake City for the Rootstech Conference. As it was my first day I took it quietly, slept in till 9, had a leisurely breakfast with some genimates and then headed for some retail therapy (don't worry Mr GeniAus - I only bought essential items) came back to the hotel for some R&R then made a short visit to the Family History Library.

Dinner with Roger and Lisa Moffatt was an adventure which ended in a delicious meal at Blue Lemon.

I wondered about these birds until Roger told me that the seagull is the State bird of Utah

Decoration on the lamposts

A Shoppers' Paradise - The City Creek Center

City Creek - Just the place to recover from a long flight

The Creek runs through the Center - don't know if it's man made or if it follows an original watercourse.

Light lunch at Kneaders - thanks for the tip fellow bloggers

The Temple in Salt Lake City - note the brilliant blue sky

That's the Mormon Tabernacle in Temple Square

And I can't remember what this building next to the Tabernacle is called

I made a positive comment about this chap's car so he fetched an album from the trunk and showed me a picture of his family and the car when he was a baby in 1965. It was previously his Dad's car.

Steak Tacos at Blue Lemon

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  1. Ahh I remember that Mall! It's quite a feature. And there's a great Chinese takeaway place in there somewhere.


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