Thursday, September 5, 2013

St Jude

In my very short career as a nurse I was looked after by a nun, Sister St Jude. She informed me she had taken that name as St Jude was the "hope of the hopeless" and that's what she considered herself to be.

I just finished an inspirational book "St Jude's" by Gemma Sisia who happens to also be an ex-student of my Alma Mater, Vinnie's. I remember when I was on the staff of Vinnie's that Gemma came to address some of the girls; it must have been my day off as I missed out on the visit.

When I saw Gemma's book at the recent Galston Rotary Book Fair I purchased it as it was on my "To read" list. I couldn't have predicted how much I would enjoy the book and how touched I would be by the guts and determination of young woman who has set up a school, The School of St Jude, for poor children in Tanzania. In her book Gemma constantly referred to St Jude, the saint to whom she prayed when things seemed hopeless; she called the school St Jude because of all the support she has received from St Jude.

I commend this book (available from St Jude's Online Store); the story of how Gemma started with just $10 and a dream.

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