Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Blog of Note

This week my daughter, her husband, their bub and the dog moved in and will stay with us while their elderly cottage is demolished and  a new one is built in its place.  All of a sudden our large house seems a lot smaller.

Our daughter has decided to blog about her ordeal experiences in a blog "Rebuilding the Roost". This is what she has to say about the blog:

This is a blog about our knockdown and rebuild experience in suburban Sydney.

My husband, daughter and I will be moving back with my parents while the rebuild is completed.

On the day we move out, I will be 26 weeks pregnant.

We're hoping to move into our new home by mid 2013

Of course, as Geniaus - the Family Historian, I am excited at the prospect of a blog that records stories about our family.

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